Expert Lecture

               Expert Lecture 2017

  1. Expert lecture of Civil Engineering in Electricity Power Industry in Indonesia by Nurshabib Yuli Usmanto, S.T, on Saturday, 7th of October 2017, at Assembly Room, Ar Fachrudin B 5th floor, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, see
  2. Expert lecture of The Development of Indonesian Earthquake Map for Civil Engineering Construction by Prof. Ir. Mahsyur Irsyam, MSE, Ph.D., Dr. Wahyu Triyoso, M.Sc dan Ir. Lutfi Faisal, on Saturday, 22nd of  April 2017 see
  3. Expert lecture of Balance Cantilever Method Application in bridge construction, by Ari Wibowo, S.T, on Saturday 18th of February 2017 see

               Expert Lecture 2016

  1. Expert lecture of Geosynthetic Material Contribution in Civil Engineering Problem Solving by Pria Ardhana, S.T., on Saturday, 3rd of December 2016. see
  2. Expert lecture of Chemical Grouting Application Method in MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Project Jakarta, by Faruq Chandra, S.T., on Saturday, 19th of November 2016. see
  3. Expert lecture of Sabo Dam as the Construction of Sedimen Controller in Vulcanic Area, by Ir. Joko Cahyono, Dipl. HE., Tjahjanto Triatmodjo, S.T., MT., on Saturday, 15th of October 2016. see
  4. Expert lecture with theme of “Based on decision of students’ request about civil engineering job vacancy in construction division”., by Mohammad Basri Yuwono, S.T., Ir. Mandiyo Priyo, M.T., on Saturday, 21st of May 2016. see

                 Expert Lecture 2015

  1. Expert lecture of Asphalt Binder for the Pavement, by Dr. Madi Hermadi and about “In-Situ Tomography Surface Wave Test For Pavement Moduli Measurement” , by Sri Atmaja JNNR ST.,M.Eng.Sc, Ph.D,P.E., on Saturday morning, 14th of November 2015. see